LED | Xpressigns
LED sign displays make your business stand out day or night. Our LED displays provide numerous advantages over neon and other illuminating sources including longer life span, lower energy consumption and increased brightness.Businesses of all sizes can ensure their brand is brighter than ever. LED displays can be computer generated, allowing for constantly changing graphics, or office signs can simply be back-lit to allow for affordable illumination at night.

Color LED Signs

Top Features:

Life-like video clips or live video feed
Incredibly vivid animation and images
Available in 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 35mm

Monochrome LED Signs

Top Features:

Red or amber display
4000 color shades for detailed display
Excellent viewing at medium and long distance
Available in 19mm and 35mm

Gas Price Changers

Top Features:

Fully encapsulated modules
Plug and play installation
Easy-to-use remote administration
Red, amber or green text