Truck Lettering | Xpressigns

Truck Lettering & Wraps give you the ability to turn your vehicle into visually exciting promotional opportunities.

96% of People Surveyed Said Fleet Graphics Have More Impact than Billboards
91% of all people Notice the Words and Pictures of Vehicles
75% Develop an Impression about the Company and it’s Products
29% Would Make a Buying Decision Based on the Impression They got from the Vehicle.

Our vinyl wraps will transform your car, truck, van or commercial fleet into eye-catching advertising machines. Vehicle wraps build your brand recognition, raise your company’s profile and reinforce brand identity. Nothing stands out from the crowd quite the same way that a vinyl wrapped vehicle does. Whether you have a commercial fleet of PT Cruisers covered with your logo, a car with your logo on the roof, or a company van, a vinyl wrapped vehicle proudly announces your brand, generating instant attention. Your business will get noticed, and you can differentiate yourself in a crowd of competition. In short, a vehicle wrap is a long-term investment that costs next to nothing — and can potentially generate thousands in profit via free, word-of-mouth publicity.